The Legacy of My Farmer Grandparents: Hearty Harvest Loaf

With closed eyes, I can still see now, the clay-roofed, neat snow-white house of my grandparents, with its veranda of slender, ruched tree-trunks surrounding it on all sides, so that, in case of a thunder or hail storm, the window-shutters could be shut without one getting wet. The cottage was standing in a village full […]

French Pastry Perfection: Wild Mushroom and Sausage Vol-Au-Vent Tartlet

 “Promises and pie-crust are made to be broken.” Jonathan Swift A vol-au-vent , French for “windblown” to describe its lightness, is a hollow case of fluffy puff pastry typically made by cutting two circles,squares or rectangles in rolled out puff pastry, cutting a hole in one of them, then stacking the shaped pieces on top of the full, disc style […]

Cheesy Rough Puff Sticks

Baaad cheeeeese! Cheese has got a  bad reputation with a large percentage of our health-conscious society. It can be very high in saturated fat, threatening blood cholesterol levels. Most cheese is also high in sodium, which can raise blood pressure. In the same time, cheese hides the most essential nutrients into its tiny squares. It is a […]

An Ode to Autumn: Honey and Corn Cupcakes with Candy Corn Filling

“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.” Og Mandino Harvest, usually during the months of September, is a celebration of the food grown  traditionally on the land. Ceremonies to give thanks and celebrate a successful production of the Earth are worldwide and indeed ancient. In Europe,people have given thanks for successful […]

The Benefits of An Old-Fashioned, Simple Life: In Love with Harvest, Wheat and Bread

 “After a full belly all is poetry.”  Frank McCourt    There are not too many people who appreciate the simple things in life. As the world becomes more complicated and advanced, people struggle through days rather than live through with happiness, interest and love. The advantages to the new technological world are clear, but it […]

Foragers’ Wild Cherry and Blackberry Madeira Mini Tart

It is blackberry season!!! Blackberries are not actually berries, but are instead an aggregate fruit. Blackberries are formed from several individual seeded fruits that are attached to a single core. This design allows blackberries to have a high skin and seed composition which contributes to their high nutritional content. Blackberries are high in dietary fiber. Blackberries are rich […]

A Truly Sweet French Kiss in the Hope of an Autumn Romance: Macarons

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness.” John Keats   Many, indeed many, people have some kind of a relationship with macarons. Some love to eat them, some love to make them, some have to see them, some can’t stop buying them, some swears never […]

Birthday Guy’s Selection: White Chocolate Oreo Cupcake for a Cricket Lover

Making cupcakes for a man is a genuinely hard task, simply because the ultimate contradiction: cupcakes are usually associated with all things pretty, and men are usually not…   Some say that the cupcake as an idea evolved in the 19th century, and it was revolutionary because of the amount of time it saved in the kitchen. […]

A Vacation-like Persian Feeling: Nan-e Barbari Bread

I am afraid the invitation for this “holiday” does not involve free hotel accommodation, a bargain aeroplane ticket, nor does it explains how to fly a magic carpet to travel. It simply encourages the reader to create (or re-create) an Eastern flavour that can transport the taste buds around the globe.  Nan-e Barbari is a popular  Persian flatbread.  It […]

Where Magic Happens – Fool-proof Bread Buns for Baking Tots

“So, here is some flour, oil, water and salt…”    I truly enjoy baking with children. Selfishly, I love the way they are looking at adults whilst being explained about processes, like the adult is the center of the universe ,one who knows all the questions and can provide all the answers. Selfishly, I love […]